Indigenous Support Program

The Indigenous Support Program (ISP) department of the Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George (AHSPG) is dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and respectful support services to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous tenants and applicants.

Grounded in a commitment to equity, inclusivity, and social justice, we aim to empower individuals and families facing housing insecurity and socio-economic challenges. Through collaborative partnerships, holistic support services, and advocacy efforts, we strive to create a safe, supportive, and culturally affirming housing environment for all residents, with a particular focus on addressing the needs of Prince George’s Indigenous population.

Our mission is guided by principles of cultural sensitivity, respect, and humility, as we work towards building stronger, more resilient communities where all individuals can thrive


Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP)

Aboriginal Housing is offering a FREE community income tax program.

Eligibility (Single => $35,00, Couples and Single Parents =>$45,000)

Thelma is here Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-2pm, To schedule an appointment please email please ensure that Canada Revenue Agency has your updated address information. If you have moved residence AFTER your last tax filling in 2023, you may need to update your information. if so, call 1-800-959-8281.

Leisure Access Program (LAP)

The Leisure Access Program (LAP) provides opportunities for residents with limited income to participate in a variety of aquatic activities. Leisure Access participants receive:

  • 52 complimentary public swimming admissions.
  • 75 percent off all swim passes once the 52 complimentary admissions have been used.
  • 75 percent off swimming programs ($50.00 credit maximum) such as swimming lessons.

For more information on eligibility or how to apply, please contact our main office or choose the “Request an Appointment” option below.

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