Tenancy Relations Advisor

Reporting to the Executive Director the Tenancy Relations Advisor coordinates tenancy operations for the Society.  The Tenancy Relations Advisor is responsible for tenant relations and administering all aspects of residential tenancy services for affordable and subsidized rental properties within an assigned portfolio.  Functions include all tenancy relations including tenancy administration, inspections, and liaising with maintenance and support staff as well as community partners. The Tenancy Relations Advisor works within a collaborative staff team to provide an exceptional seamless service to our tenants and community stakeholders. 


  • Reviews tenancy applications and coordinates tenant selection procedure.
  • Coordinates rent setting (affordable units), conducts income verifications and calculations of rents, and enters tenancy information into system.
  • Tenancy payments and inquiries.
  • Conducts showings, move in and move out procedures.
  • Administers tenancy agreements and all related individual and building notices per policy.
  • Facilitates monthly rent collection and arrears procedures.
  • Conducts routine property inspections for damage, maintenance and safety standards.
  • Works closely with administrative staff with respect to system data entry, filing and correspondence.
  • Acts as liaison with maintenance staff to address property deficiencies, vacancies, and with safety testing.
  • Mediates disputes as applicable.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Coordinates with ISW assistance with resources tenant households.
  • Create and maintain manual with processes and procedures.
  • Ensures security of the Society’s assets, tenant files, receipts and deposits;
  • Maintains confidentiality of the Society’s records, files, and tenant information by securing these items in a locked drawer or cabinet.
  • Policy and procedural input and communications.
  • Prepares and communicates tenancy orientation materials.
  • Conducts and administers end of tenancy procedures.
  • Responds to emergency situations, as required. 
  • Other related duties

Tenant Relations and Administration

  • Clarifies, signs, and enforces tenancy, behavioral and repayment agreements.
  • Makes appointments for new tenants and tenants with lease renewals.
  • Advises tenants on options and expectations concerning breaches of tenancy agreements.
  • Formulates and explains rent calculations as required.
  • Manages and enforces the collection of audit arrears including repayment agreements and may collect rent as required.
  • Assists in Tenant selection process and ensures all applicants meet all requirements for housing in accordance with the operating agreement of the funder requirements.
  • Works closely with the staff to ensure client files, letters and all correspondence is accurate and complete and meets funder requirements.

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Ensures the inspection of tenant suites on a regular basis to monitor appropriate levels of maintenance and cleaning standards.
  • Implements a maintenance program which addresses the safety and comfort of tenants and the long term viability and marketability of the housing portfolio.
  • Responds to emergencies and initiates response as appropriate.
  • Mediates disputes between tenants and disputes. Provides guidance and assistance to Tenants.
  • Create and facilitate a Tenants Association.
  • Represents AHSPG at Residential Tenancy Branch hearings, Supreme Court and Small Claims Court hearings.

Property Management

  • Manages market and non-market housing properties, including marketing, appraisals, rental agreement/lease administration and maintenance.
  • Determines building deficiencies and in some areas, prepares summaries of work with appropriate specifications; initiates verbal, public and invitational tender process, oversees and inspects work. Ensures tenant impact is considered.
  • Ensures compliance with various regulations, e.g., WCB, RTA, NHA, etc.

Social Housing

  • Keeps current on local community issues that could impact the Indigenous community.
  • Liaises and negotiates with municipal officials and inspectors, licensing staff, health staff, social workers, mental health workers, public trustees, neighborhood groups, tenant groups, advocates, lawyers and contractors, .
  • Other related duties and projects as required.


  • A Certificate and two-years experience in a similar position.
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.
  • Knowledge of Residential Tenancy Act and BC Housing Regulations.
  • Successfully complete and maintain Criminal Record Clearances.


  • Must have strong computer skills and experience, M/S Office and management information systems experience and aptitude essential.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and conflict resolution skills;
  • Attention to detail and numeracy skills,
  • Ability to deal with the public and to maintain courteous, professional conduct with the tenants, public, employees, and volunteers.
  • Experience with tenancy arbitrations or other dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • A thorough appreciation, awareness, working experience and sensitivity of Indigenous history and culture, as well as a thorough understanding of the complexities of working with diverse populations.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Strong empathy and listening skills.
  • Complete conflict of interest declarations.
  • High level of professionalism and positive attitude, as agent of the Society are essential,
  • Sustained learning and development, integrity, transparency.
  • Ability to work respectfully, knowledgeably, and effectively with Indigenous people.
  • Acknowledging, and striving to understand, embrace and collaborate towards supporting positive changes for the organization and the self-determination of the individuals and families the organization serves.
  • May encounter verbally abusive, aggressive and/or agitated individuals, both in person and on the telephone, therefore the ability to deal courteously, firmly, tactfully and diplomatically with the tenants and public is a must.

To apply for this position please submit a cover letter and resume to Julia@ahspg.ca & alberta@ahspg.ca

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